Gum Recession Treatment Webster, TX

Eliminate Symptoms of Gum Recession and Protect the Health of Your Smile

Gum recession occurs when gum tissue pulls away or recedes from its original position on the tooth. Often the result of gum disease, gum recession can also be caused by genetics or even simply brushing too hard. No matter the cause or concern, receding gums are typically characterized by the following indications:

  • Teeth that appear to be longer
  • Tender, red or swollen gums
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Loose teeth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

As your gums recede, they gradually reveal more of the underlying structure of your teeth, including the tooth’s roots. The gums serve as a protective barrier for this foundation, and without this protection they are easily susceptible to both harmful bacteria and disease. The result is often sensitivity and increased risk of infection. We offer two different gum recession treatment options, gum grafting and the tunneling technique. Both procedures help restore the health and integrity of your mouth. Though both are successful in correcting recession and improving symptoms, they each take a unique approach to treatment.

Our Gum Recession Treatment Options

Your treatment plan will be based on your specific needs and circumstances. Depending on the recommendation of your periodontist, you may need one of the following gum recession treatments:

During gum grafting, our periodontists take a gum tissue graft, usually taken from the roof of your mouth or from a donor source, and gently stitch it around areas of recession. The tissue is placed beneath existing gum tissue to allow it to seamlessly attach, grow and blend into the surrounding tissue as it heals. This gum recession procedure restores gum levels to an attractive and healthy state for a beautiful smile.

gum recession

The tunneling technique is a minimally-invasive, gum recession treatment option. During this procedure, our periodontists start by thoroughly cleaning the exposed tooth root surfaces then gently gaining access to areas beneath the gum, creating a tunnel. A grafting material, usually from a donor source, is then placed through the “tunneled” gum tissue to allow for healing. Once the tissue has healed, it will blend seamlessly into the smile.

Tunneling Technique

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Treat gum recession for a healthy, symptom-free smile.