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Choose a Periodontist for Specialized Care and Treatment

More Comprehensive Treatment Solutions

General dentists are capable of handling a wide variety of dental concerns, but they are limited to a general scope. When it comes time to address periodontal concerns, like gum disease or tooth loss, it’s time to call a specialist. Periodontists have years of advanced training and specialize in the treatment of periodontal diseases. Skilled periodontists, like those at Benchmark Periodontics, can replace your missing teeth with dental implants for a permanent smile solution. If you’re looking for more comprehensive treatment solutions for your periodontal concerns, gum diseases or tooth replacement, then call our periodontists today.

Periodontists Receive Advanced Training for Superior Results

Periodontists receive a number of advanced degrees and certifications in order to enter into practice. Their training and experience goes beyond general dentistry, spending years focusing on periodontics in order to offer patients more specialized treatments. That is why many general dentists will refer their patients to a periodontist to get the care they need for treatments such as gum disease treatment, dental implants, tooth extraction and bone grafting. However, we encourage our patients to alternate their maintenance between general dentist and specialists for overall health and perio.

The Value of an Experienced Periodontist

Due to their training and expertise, Dr. Crystal Brady and Dr. Vishal Dhatrak are qualified to perform a variety of complex treatments and procedures. Superior and reliable results come from the collaboration regarding treatment solutions for your individualized dental plan. Both periodontists take an active role in your overall treatment plan with your general dentist.